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Summary of Institution Profiles

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Profile - Cape Fear Community College

“The Marine Technology Department is one of our show pieces,” says Philpott. “It requires a lot of effort on the part of both the school and the state, but that effort has paid off – we have a very successful program.”

Profile - Community College of Rhode Island

Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) offers programs in academic and vocational-technical areas to full and part-time students, recent high school graduates, and adult learners. With more than 16,000 students, CCRI is the only community college in Rhode Island.

Profile - Saddleback College

Profile - Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution

Technicians in HBOI’s marine engineering division have helped develop robot devices that act as underwater vacuum cleaners for water retention reservoirs. Technicians have also helped create “manatee safe technology” – special gates and other equipment that protect these endangered marine mammals from machinery in Florida’s waterways.

Profile - Florida Keys Community College

“The future is bright for our students because the field of marine technology is growing so fast,” says Smith. “Today you’re not just a technician, you’re a very badly needed technician!”

Profile - Long Beach City College (LBCC)

Located in Long Beach, California, Long Beach City College (LBCC) is a two-year community college with more than 30,000 enrolled students on two campuses. A MATE Center educational partner since 2003, LBCC uses marine technology as a way to provide students with learning experiences that can be applied to a broad number of technical fields.

Profile - Southern Maine Technical College

The college’s new curriculum will include the addition of aquaculture units into some of SMTC’s existing Applied Marine Biology and Oceanography courses, plus the development of one or two new courses in Aquaculture Technology.

Profile - Kingsborough Community College

Muzio explains. “Our graduates have a wide range of skills,” he continues. “They can repair engines, fix electrical systems, steer, and navigate – and they know the rules of the road and emergency procedures.”

Profile - Mesa College

Mesa College is one of three two-year colleges and six continuing education centers that make up the San Diego Community College District, which serves nearly 100,000 students each semester.

Profile - Monterey Peninsula College

Beginning with a meeting of regional businesses and industry councils in November 1998, the Center reached out to local marine industries to determine their need for technical workers and identify the skills they felt should be part of a technical education and training program. The end result was the Marine Science and Technology A.S. Degree and Certificate Program at MPC.

Profile - Honolulu Community College

“The state-of-the-art facility answers a need in Hawaii for trained people to help the marine industry grow,” he explains. “It’s an investment for this institution and a partnership with local business, supplying trained employees for the future.”

Profile - Marine Technology Academy

The Academy began, in 1998, out of a growing concern that there was a shortage of skilled marine technical workers in the region. “The local industry conducted a survey in conjunction with the County Board of Economic Development,” explains Greco. “What they learned led them to come to the school district, asking it to develop this program.”

Profile - Clatsop Community College

“We’ve got a facility that’s very maritime-oriented,” says Dr. Tony Laska, MERTS Program Manager and the MATE Center’s contact at Clatsop since the partnership began. Some of the classes offered by the MSD include Marine Safety, Marine Licensing Programs, Marine Electronics, Rigging, Trawling, Navigation, Charts, Marine Weather, Tides and Currents, and Boat Handling.

Profile - Hillsborough Community College - Aquaculture Program

Founded in 1968, Hillsborough Community College (HCC) is now the ninth largest of Florida's 28-member community college system. The MATE Center welcomes this Tampa, Florida school and its thriving aquaculture program as a new MATE educational partner.

Profile - Alvin Community College

“Students don't yet know much about the field of marine technology, but a lot of Houston-area employers are looking for trained technicians."

Profile - Brevard Community College

The college is currently considering the development of an A.S. degree program in marine technology, thanks to a number of factors. These include strong interest and determination on the part of Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Susan Phillips and Collegewide Dean of Technical Education Don Astrab as well as BCC’s relationship with the MATE Center over the past two years.

Profile - Hartnell College

“Several students with non-marine, yet technical backgrounds got jobs in the marine sector after taking just that one [marine careers] course. What better evidence of transferable skills among technician jobs could you ask for?”

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