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In the Spotlight Ė Harry Bohm

Harry Bohm is the Project Manager at the Underwater Research Lab in Simon Frasier Universityís School of Engineering Science in Canada. In addition to this academic work, he consults with the MATE Center and other institutions in Canada and California on projects related to the design and construction of UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles) for educational purposes. 
A testament to the value of self-education, Bohm has a successful and diverse career. In addition to his work at Simon Frasier University, he has consulted on the design and construction of ROV-related exhibits for other institutions, including the Tech Center in San Jose, California. He has been a valuable contributor to the MATE Centerís curriculum, having written a set of modules and assisted the course instructor, Frank Barrows, for the highly successful Introduction to Submersible Technology course (taught at Monterey Peninsula College). He and colleague Vickie Jensen are currently turning those modules into a textbook for the Center. Bohm also acted as co-instructor at the MATE 2000 Summer Institute, which focused on ROVs. 

"Currently Bohm and his colleagues are working on a project focusing on the further development of a new type of 3-D imaging sonar called SARAS."

The Underwater Research Lab is engaged in fundamental research in acoustical sensing and the application of sensors on AUVs. Currently Bohm and his colleagues are working on a project focusing on the further development of a new type of 3-D imaging sonar called SARAS. Past projects have included the construction of three AUVs to make physical, biological, and geological studies of lakes. One of the studies was recently published in Nature and was a collaboration with several scientists from NASA Ames, MIT, and McMaster University (in Hamilton, Ontario).  
Bohm is largely self-taught in this field. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a hometrade masterís ticket for tugs of any size. His diverse background also includes working as an Outward Bound instructor, sailing on square rig and traditional sailing vessels, operating tow boats in British Columbia, conducting salvage and recovery diving, and working with subsea companies as a captain and provider of undersea operational support equipment such as barges, tugs, and recovery diving services.  

"Bohm is largely self-taught in this field."

Bohm credits time spent with his young son for whetting his appetite for ROVs: they began building simple models together as a weekend activity. In fact, working with his son and looking at ROVs from the perspective of younger people has created a whole new branch to Bohmís already diverse work: ROV books for children. He has co-authored (with Jensen) and published a book for young people entitled Build Your Own Underwater Robot and Other Wet Projects (which is what initially got the attention of the MATE Center) and has another due out next year, for an even younger audience, called Subs in Yer Tub.

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