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Oil and Gas Roustabouts


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Oil and Gas Roustabouts


Assemble or repair oil field equipment using hand and power tools. Perform other tasks as needed.

Other titles in this work field include:

  • cathead operator
  • connection worker
  • derrick hand
  • derrick worker
  • dumper-bailer operator
  • floor hand
  • floor worker, well service
  • floorperson, well service
  • gang worker
  • gun perforator loader
  • laborer, oil field
  • oil field roustabout
  • oil rigger
  • rig hand
  • rigger
  • roughneck
  • roustabout
  • roustabout crew leader
  • roustabout crew pusher
  • roustabout hand
  • roustabout pusher



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