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Petroleum Engineers


Devise methods to improve oil and gas well production and determine the need for new or modified tool designs. Oversee drilling and offer technical advice to achieve economical and satisfactory progress.

Other titles in this work field include:

  • automation engineer
  • chief engineer
  • chief engineer, research
  • completion engineer
  • design engineer, mining and oil field equipment
  • district supervisor, mud analysis well logging
  • drilling engineer
  • drilling manager
  • engineer
  • engineer, design
  • engineer, drilling
  • engineer, exploration
  • engineer, logging
  • engineer, mud
  • engineer, natural gas
  • engineer, oil exploration
  • engineer, oil well
  • engineer, test
  • engineer, well surveying
  • facilities engineer
  • mud analysis, well logging captain
  • operations engineer
  • operations manager
  • petroleum engineer
  • petroleum supply specialist
  • process engineer
  • production engineer
  • project drilling engineer
  • project production engineer
  • project reservoir engineer
  • prospecting observer
  • research engineer, mining and oil well equipment
  • reservoir engineer
  • superintendent, oil well services
  • supervisor, mud analysis
  • supplier quality engineer (sqe)
  • test engineer, mining and oil field equipment
  • validation engineer
  • validation specialist
  • well logging captain



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