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College or University: University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Type of degree: Ph.D.

Brief overview of program: Alaskans rely on sound science to sustain their rich fisheries, to manage carefully the harvest of its fish and shellfish, and the use of their habitats. Our school's fisheries science faculty educate the scientists who work in Alaska's industry and conservation agencies. Our students enjoy a high faculty ratio and chances to work on the biology of Alaska's many unspoiled species. Nearly all our graduate students have financial support from fellowships, research grants, and internships awarded by companies, and public and private agencies. Most of our graduates stay in Alaska and work for those agencies and companies.

Website: Click here for program website

For the students that enter the workforce, what are the most common occupations that they pursue with this degree or certificate? Faculty supervise students' research on a broad array of biological problems in laboratories that specialize on quantitative stock assessment, on the biology and ecology of marine and freshwater species, on molecular genetics, on behavioral ecology, etc. These University facilities are located across Alaska at the Juneau Center, Seward, Kodiak, and Fairbanks. Our students also work in laboratories and facilities of public and private agencies such as NOAA Fisheries' Auke Bay Laboratory, USGS's Glacier Bay Field Station, Alaska Department of Fish and Game's Mark Tag and Age Lab, and the Salmon Broodstock Lab at DIPAC's Macaulay Hatchery.

Program Point of Contact: Gordon Kruse


Institution address: P.O. Box 757480
                             Fairbanks,AK 99775-7480


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