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Joint Degree in Oceanography

College or University: Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Type of degree: Ph.D.

Brief overview of program: The MIT-WHOI Joint Program is one of the premier marine science programs in the world. It draws on the complementary strengths and approaches of two great institutions: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). Choose from one or more areas of research from among MIT/WHOI Joint Program's disciplines: Applied Ocean Science and Engineering, Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Geology and Geophysics, and Physical Oceanography.

Website: Click here for program website

For the students that enter the workforce, what are the most common occupations that they pursue with this degree or certificate? Research, Industry and Academia

Description of Facilities: The field research opportunities in the Joint Program are also world-class. WHOI supports one of the largest research fleets in the United States, including Atlantis, one of the nation's newest research vessels, and Alvin, a deep sea submersible. Using these resources, the Joint Program offers unparalleled opportunities for going to sea.

Program Faculty: To guide students in their academic preparation, the MIT/WHOI Joint Program faculty is organized around five basic science and engineering disciplines. Applicants who know that their interests and experience lie principally within one of these disciplines may indicate this on their application under "Area of Research". Applied Ocean Science and Engineering Keywords: fluid mechanics, acoustics, vehicles, instruments Biological Oceanography Keywords: phytoplankton, zooplankton, microbial ecology, marine mammals, environmental toxicology, larval ecology, benthic ecology, mathematical ecology, population genetics, microbiology, fish ecology, biogeochemistry Chemical Oceanography Keywords: air-sea exchange, atmospheric chemistry, biogeochemistry, carbon cycle science, environmental chemistry, geochemistry, global change, ocean tracers, radiochemistry Marine Geology and Geophysics Keywords: seafloor volcanic, tectonic and hydrothermal processes, mantle dynamics, ocean crustal structure, continental rifting, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, coastal processes Physical Oceanography Keywords: physics, fluid dynamics, applied mathematics, observations, theory, modeling, ocean circulation, climate


Department: Academic Programs Office

Phone: 508-289-2219


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