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Underwater Nondestructive Testing (SpechTech

College or University: National Polytechnic College Science

Type of degree: A.S.

Brief overview of program: To provide skills in various nondestructive testing (NDT) methods for determining the integrity of structures in accordance with various industry codes and standards. It also provides training in the use of sophisticated techniques that include underwater photography, video documentation, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, dye penetrant, and visual inspection. NOTE: Student's vision, corrected or uncorrected, must be at least 20/40 prior to enrollment in SpecTech.

Website: Click here for program website

For the students that enter the workforce, what are the most common occupations that they pursue with this degree or certificate? Whether inspecting structures underwater or topside, NDT Technicians must have the required credentials. A student is eligible to receive qualification certificates of training for Levels I and/or II in Ultrasonic (UT), Magnetic Particle (MT), and Dye Penetrant (PT) and Visual Testing (VT) in accordance with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). SpecTech training provides the student with the additional skills of an NDT Technician. These skills enhance employment opportunities for those desiring to work in the diving or topside related industries.

Program Point of Contact: Shelly Mitchell


Department: Associate Regional Dean

Institution address: 3580 Aero Drive
                             San Diego,CA 92123

Phone: 800-432-3483


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