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Engineering with a Specialization in Water Engineering

College or University: California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo

Type of degree: M.S.

Brief overview of program: The mission of the Environmental Engineering Program is to provide its students with the highest quality technical and professional education in environmental engineering, with particular emphasis in the areas of air pollution control, water and wastewater quality, solid and hazardous waste management, and noise control.

Website: Click here for program website

Program Faculty: The faculty is comprised of 24 tenured and tenure-track faculty, all with extensive qualifications. These full-time faculty are supported by over 20 full- and part-time lecturers, most of whom practice engineering in the local community.

Student Support: Numerous civil and environmental engineering scholarships are available through Cal Poly financial aid and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Students must complete a FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form by March 2nd of each academic year in order to be eligible for Cal Poly scholarships. This form must be filled-out for scholarship eligibility, even if financial need is not considered in the selection process. If you have questions, please contact the Department Office at 805-756-2947.

Program Point of Contact: Kay Kibbe


Department: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Institution address: Building 13, Room 263 California Polytechnic State University
                             San Luis Obispo,CA

Phone: 805-756-2947


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