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Environmental Toxicology

College or University: University of California, Santa Cruz

Type of degree: Ph.D.

Brief overview of program: To solve problems in environmental toxicology (ETOX), students must understand how toxic substances move through the environment, enter organisms and cause harm. As a result, cross-disciplinary training in subjects such as geochemistry, physiology, bioinformatics and molecular biology is essential to equip students to tackle challenges in this field.. The program at UCSC includes training in microbial pathogens as toxic agents reasoning that an education in chemical toxins alone is too narrow. The ETOX department instructs through in-depth research experiences and courses that develop both a knowledge base and critical thinking abilities. The ETOX student's courses are tailored to the individual, creating a graduate experience that combines essential background material with course work at the frontiers of science. Classes are chosen by the student, in conjunction with faculty committee, to complement the Ph.D. or Master's thesis work that each student is performing. Students are encouraged to explore new areas and bring this expertise back to their thesis research. Additional training comes in several forms. The ETOX department has weekly seminars that expose students to new areas within the field. ETOX students also give seminars, thus providing them with scientific presentation skills and the opportunity to share their research with other department members. Because the department is diverse and interactive, students become familiar with disciplines that range from environmental chemistry to animal physiology to molecular genetics. The program faculty strongly support collaborations between laboratories.

Website: Click here for program website


Institution address: University of California, Santa Cruz 1156 High Street
                             Santa Cruz,CA 95064


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