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Environmental Toxicology

College or University: University of California, Santa Cruz

Type of degree: M.S.

Brief overview of program: The Environmental Toxicology program at U.C. Santa Cruz seeks to understand environmental poisons and pathogens that harm humans and other living things. Working within the highly collaborative environment of U.C. Santa Cruz, we use a systems-based approach in research and graduate training, seeking to understand the broad principles of toxicity and pathogenicity. Our faculty members are leaders in their disciplines and welcome collaborators throughout campus and beyond. Virtually all faculty are engaged in interdepartmental efforts. Chief among our partners are bioinformaticists, chemists, microbiologists, and earth and ocean scientists. Our educational program prepares students to take an interdisciplinary approach to solve pressing issues in environmental and human health. Graduate students benefit in the classroom and laboratory from the expertise of the programís faculty and strength of the UC Santa Cruz faculty as a whole.

Website: Click here for program website

Number of students enrolled in 2007: 13

Description of Facilities: We are small department with a huge appetite for technology, which has led our faculty members to spearhead the acquisition of funding for major instrumentation facilities. Among the tools available: Finnigan Neptune multi-collector magnetic sector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer 2-D DIGI/MALDI mass spectrometer High resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer with lasar ablation Thermo electron LTQ-mass spectrometer Electron paramagnetic instrumentation

Student Support: Scholarships, fellowships, Teaching Assistant appointment, Graduate Student Researcher appointments. For more information on financial aid, please visit

Program Point of Contact: Claudia McClure


Department: Environmental Toxicology

Institution address: University of California, Santa Cruz 1156 High Street
                             Santa Cruz,CA 95064

Phone: 831-459-4719


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