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Biological Oceanography

College or University: University of Connecticut

Type of degree: Ph.D.

Brief overview of program: Our group contains scientists with a broad range of interests, including benthic population and community ecology, marine invasive species ecology, trophic relationships in the plankton, nutrient dynamics of coastal embayments and estuaries, effects of harmful algal blooms in coastal waters, biogeochemistry of microbial mats, gelatinous zooplankton ecology, ecology and biomechanics of shellfish feeding, algal physiology, and the role of marine protected areas in fish ecology. Marine Sciences biology faculty use both field observations and laboratory experiments to obtain insights into coastal zone processes. Field programs range from coastal Brazil to New Zealand and from Long Island Sound to the Irish Sea. Laboratory techniques include applications of image analysis, high performance liquid chromatography, microelectrodes, video endoscopy, molecular biology, and fluorescence microscopy, along with traditional oceanographic methods for measuring materials and fluxes in the coastal environment.

Website: Click here for program website

Program Faculty: The biological oceanography/marine ecology group includes Ann Bucklin, Hans Dam, James Kremer, Senjie Lin, George McManus, Pieter Visscher, Evan Ward, and Robert Whitlatch, as well as in-residence professors Peter Auster, Pat Kremer, Paul Renaud, and Sandra Shumway. Charles Yarish and Eric Schultz are jointly appointed with Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Joe Crivello is jointly appoinnted with Physiology and Neurobiology.

Program Point of Contact: Evan Ward



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