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Marine Transportation

College or University: U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Type of degree: B.S.

Brief overview of program: The Marine Transportation major builds on this business core which offers additional courses for those students planning a shoreside career in the maritime industry. Most of the courses in the major are maritime specific. Moreover, they are all designed to introduce students to parts of the industry where many Kings Pointers have made careers in the past, and are likely to go into in the future. The course in Chartering and Brokerage, for example, relates to the tanker and dry bulk sectors of the maritime industry -- an area in which many graduates have specialized and will continue to do so. The course in Marine Insurance covers a career that has also proven popular with Kings Pointers. The course in Maritime Law and International Law of the Sea introduces the student to Admiralty Law, a profession where Kings Pointers have distinguished themselves. The course in Human Resource Management is also industry specific. This course includes Maritime Labor Relations, which is an important aspect of the maritime industry. No manager in the industry can be effective without understanding the role of unions and other aspects of labor relations. The Marine Transportation major also includes one elective, which must be selected from the Maritime Business area (in addition to the free electives in each major that students can still take in any department). In general, this major has been designed to give the students a greater understanding of the business aspects of the maritime industry. But the courses offered are not general business courses such as might be offered in a typical business school. Kings Point is in a unique position as the premier maritime academy, and this major draws on that expertise to offer a program that teaches business skills as they relate to and within the context of the maritime industry. It therefore represents a program that is both academically sound and related to the career goals of our students. Graduates of the Marine Transportation program, with their broad educational background complemented by specific professional management skills, have a wide variety of career opportunities. All branches of the Armed Forces offer possibilities for active duty. The U.S. Coast Guard commissions graduates to serve in marine inspection and environmental regulation. In the commercial sector, job opportunities include serving on a merchant ship as an officer; in terminal operations management; ship and cargo surveying; vessel chartering and brokerage; sales and marketing; port administration; admiralty and business law; marine insurance; stevedoring; commodities trading; international banking and finance. Graduates can also serve in state and federal government agencies that regulate transport and commerce; in the Foreign Service; and in research policy analysis.

Website: Click here for program website

Program Point of Contact: CAPT. George Edenfield


Institution address: USMMA, Steamboat Road
                             Kings Point,NY 11024


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