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Marine Environmental Sciences

College or University: Nova Southeastern University

Type of degree: M.S.

Brief overview of program: This master's degree program results from the need to educate professionals beyond the bachelor's in a synthesis of diverse disciplines, each of which views the marine environment in disparate ways. We anticipate that students who complete the M.E.S. Program will enter, or re-enter, the work force directly. This professional degree program is designed to serve working professionals in Florida and across the nation with training and education beyond the bachelor's degree. It is also appropriate for marine scientists who are interested in learning how the marine system works. Graduates can find employment in environmentally oriented agencies/organizations and hopefully 'make a difference' in the ways of the world. The M.E.S. is not designed as an intermediate degree for the Ph.D., although some M.E.S. graduates will be well prepared for, and may later apply to, a Ph.D. program either at the Oceanographic Center or elsewhere. The program is of value for prospective or actual employees of government and industry seeking careers in areas of marine science. Because of this diversity, applicants with any undergraduate major will be considered for admission. However, a science major is most useful and a science background is essential. It is important to differentiate the Marine Environmental Sciences MS Program from the Coastal Zone Management MS Program. We view the M.E.S. as a more broadly based degree without the management emphasis of C.Z.M. The potential M.E.S. curriculum contains some, but does not accentuate management elements.

Website: Click here for program website

Program Point of Contact: Melissa Dore


Institution address: 8000 North Ocean Drive
                             City of Dania Beach,FL 33004


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