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Geographical Information and Global Positioning Systems (GIS/GPS)

College or University: Hocking College

Type of degree: A.A.

Brief overview of program: Geographics technology is "exploding" across business, industry, and government. It involves using satellites and computers for outdoor technological applications such as mapping, environmental monitoring, land and facilities management, emergency planning, and transportation systems design. This program teaches you everything from managing, manipulating, analyzing and displaying geographically referenced data to environmental issues, wetlands determination, geology, land management and soils and much more. Learn By Doing Gain real world experience by working with government agencies and businesses through practicum experience. Consider some of the hands-on projects recently completed by our GIS/GPS students: Mapping of off-road vehicle and recreation areas for Wayne National Forest Helping to establish a network of control points in the Sula River Valley of Honduras! They identified data, selected software, analyzed data, and produced a map display!

Website: Click here for program website


Institution address: 3301 Hocking Pky
                             Nelsonville,OH 45764


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