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Marine Studies (Fisheries Resource Management)

College or University: Memorial University of Newfoundland

Type of degree: M.S.

Brief overview of program: The Program consists of the 21 credit hours which will normally consist of the courses numbered 6001-6007 listed below, the seminar course and the major report. Each course will normally be offered only once in an academic year, with four courses offered in the fall semester and four, including the seminar course, offered in the winter. Candidates are expected to undertake and complete the work required for the report in the summer semester. Those admitted as full-time students at the beginning of an academic year in September will normally complete all requirements for the Program, including the report by the end of that academic year, ie., the following August. A waiver of a program course may be granted by the Dean of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Program Committee if the student can demonstrate that the material in the course has been substantially covered by a course taken at this or another recognized university. In such cases, the course must be replaced in the candidates program by another course at Memorial chosen in consultation with, and approved by, the Program Committee. This replacement course must be taken during the student's period of enrolment in the program.

Website: Click here for program website

Program Point of Contact: Dr. Peter Fisher


Institution address: P.O. Box 4920
                             St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, A1C 5R3


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