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Interdisciplinary Studies: Chemical Marine Science focus

College or University: University of Georgia

Type of degree: B.S.

Brief overview of program: Formal entrance into the Franklin College Interdisciplinary Studies program is contingent upon the student completing a minimum of 27 hours with an overall grade point average of 3.0 or above; students must maintain this GPA to remain in the program. Students in the Interdisciplinary Studies program will have a three member advisory committee to approve their program and oversee their progress. For a marine sciences emphasis, the committee will consist of the Marine Science Undergraduate Coordinator and two other faculty members within the Franklin College. The Interdisciplinary Studies major requires that students complete the Regents' core curriculum to fulfill all the basic science, humanities, language, and social science requirements of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Students undertaking a marine sciences emphasis within the Interdisciplinary Studies program will select one of three tracks of study within Marine Sciences during their Sophomore or Junior year, either Biological Marine Science, Chemical Marine Science, or Physical Marine Science. Each track will have its own course requirements designed to provide the necessary expertise in one of the basic sciences. All students will also be required to complete a series of core courses in Geological/Physical Oceanography, Biological/Chemical Oceanography, Statistics, and an independent research program that culminates in a senior thesis. A sample curriculum to aid the student in course selection is available, but will be modified to suit the interests of the individual student with final approval by the student's three member committee and the Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. The program of study must contain a Senior Thesis (INTS 4990), which consists of an original project on a topic encompassed by the major.

Website: Click here for program website

Program Point of Contact: James T. Hollibaugh


Institution address: School of Marine Programs
                             Athens,GA 30602-3636


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