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School of Marine Sciences focus in Ocean and Human Health

College or University: University of Massachusetts

Type of degree: M.S.

Brief overview of program: In most areas of the world, ocean and coastal areas continue to experience extensive environmental stresses. The consequential risks imposed by these stresses affect not only the health of marine systems but human health as well. Human exposure to these risks derives from a variety of vectors, including the consumption of contaminated seafood and direct contact from recreational bathing. Several recent international conferences have focused on the threats from persistent organic pollutants (such as DDT and PCBs), metals (such as methyl mercury and cadmium), algal toxins, cholera and other pathogens, pharmaceuticals introduced by aquaculture operations, and possibly, genetically modified organisms. Recent estimates place the number of annual marine originated disease cases in the range of tens of millions worldwide. Research and management of these issues has generally been characterized by a sector-driven approach lacking interdisciplinary effort and comprehensive understanding. Effective mitigation of these risks, however, requires the integration of broad range of disciplines, including: marine biology and chemistry, fisheries science and management, integrated coastal management, public health, epidemiology, aquatic toxicology, and science and human nutrition.

Website: Click here for program website

Program Point of Contact: Juliette Rooney-Varga


Department: Biology

Institution address: University of Massachusetts School of Marine Sciences 265 Riverside Street
                             Lowell,MA 01854

Phone: 978 934 3898


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