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School of Marine Sciences: focus in Marine Observation Technologies

College or University: University of Massachusetts

Type of degree: Ph.D.

Brief overview of program: Increasingly sophisticated and interdisciplinary marine science has required a refocusing of engineering and applied science into the development of tools and techniques that support Marine Observational Technology. In particular there has been increased emphasis on novels techniques in the development of sensors, platforms, and signal processing tools. Modern marine observation systems are routinely microprocessor controlled, can now be autonomous, and frequently have the ability of real time communication. Advances in the supporting scientific disciplines of acoustical, optical, and radio oceanography are providing unique insight into the marine environment. In addition, data obtained by the new generation of observational tools and techniques require increasingly sophisticated signal processing and image analysis. The Marine Ocean Technology option is a broad discipline, which encompasses the following sub disciplines: Acoustical Oceanography Algorithm Development Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Science & Technology Instruments & Platform Technology Optical Oceanography Radio Oceanography Sensor Development Technology Signal & Image Processing Remote Sensing Science & Technology Students in this option will be encouraged to take a holistic view of Marine Observational Technology, which can address the modern problems of Marine Science and Technology

Website: Click here for program website

Program Point of Contact: John Buck


Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Institution address: University of Massachusetts School of Marine Sciences 265 Riverside Street
                             Lowell,MA 01854

Phone: 978 934 3898


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