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Biology- Marine Biology option

College or University: Oregon State University

Type of degree: B.S.

Brief overview of program: See the information at

Website: Click here for program website

Description of Facilities: Oregon State University's 16-credit course in Marine Biology is the centerpiece of the Marine Biology Option in Biology. Each spring taught at Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. Although the course is designed for students with an interest in Marine Biology, it is an excellent field and laboratory course for any qualified students and does not assume a background in marine biology. Students wishing to take Marine Biology should be juniors or seniors that have taken one term of ecology course (BI 370 or equivalent) as well as other significant science coursework, but interested students should inquire if they foresee difficulties in meeting these requirements. Course admission is by application only, and students should be prepared for a challenging course. Marine Biology integrates field and laboratory experiences with what is taught in class. Many days during the term involve heading out to the field to collect data during a low tide, a lecture in the classroom, and work in the laboratory studying collected organisms. The training in general research methods, as well as field and laboratory techniques prepare students well for further undergraduate research, graduate work, or jobs. Furthermore, the small size of the course, and the long days allow for close interactions with professors and graduate students. A past student had the following to say about the course: "The Hatfield Marine Biology course was by far the most worthwhile course I have taken at Oregon State. From day one the course throws you directly into an quarter long series of lectures, field and lab activities, research projects and experiments that require a considerable amount of dedication, motivation, and effort from each student. The course was challenging and entertaining. As far as educational value, I probably took more information away from that course than from any other combination of 16 credit hours that I have taken thus far. The communal student living environment provided an opportunity to interact with my classmates on an hourly basis and I made many great friends throughout the experience. Instructors and T.A.'s were perpetually available to assist students in the lab or library and the Rogue Brewery and the Newport beach are just down the street for nighttime beer breaks, sunset walks, or surfing! Overall, it was an excellent learning experience that was definitely worth the hard work, and it was a ton of fun. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about marine biology at any level." Thom Young

Student Support: Hatfield Marine Science Center has scholarships available for some students.

Program Point of Contact: Dr. Robert Mason


Institution address: Biology Program, 2042 Cordley Hall Oregon State University
                             Corvallis,OR 97331


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