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Ocean Engineering

College or University: Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton)

Type of degree: Ph.D.

Brief overview of program: The Ocean Engineering program at Florida Atlantic University offers BS, MS and PhD degree programs in Ocean engineering and takes pride in its faculty's commitment to excellence in teaching and research. We offer a multidisciplinary education in engineering as it pertains to our activities in the oceans. The Graduate Program is 40 students strong and offers specialization in acoustics, autonomous underwater vehicles, hydrodynamics and physical oceanography, ship and control systems, ocean energy and marine materials, including nano-composites. The Department operates over dual campuses, from the original Boca Raton campus and from the Dania Beach campus, which is the home of SeaTech, our ocean-side Institute for Ocean and Systems Engineering. Most of our faculty research is funded by federal agencies and industry and we strive to make new partnerships with government and industry in research and education. Our programs are demanding, requiring total commitment and a one hundred percent effort from the student. Our goal is to provide an exciting and student-friendly educational environment and prepare outstanding individuals who will lead engineering endeavors in a challenging ocean environment. We actively help students with meaningful summer internships and with career placements upon graduation.

Website: Click here for program website

Program Point of Contact: Manhar Dhanak, chairman


Department: Ocean Engineering

Institution address: 777 Glades Road Bldg. 36, room 190
                             Boca Raton,FL 33431

Phone: 561-297-3430


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