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Archaeological Oceanography

College or University: University of Rhode Island

Type of degree: M.A.

Brief overview of program: In conjunction with the Institute of Archaeological Oceanography, URI is now offering an Archaeological Oceanography joint degree program in which students simultaneously take an M.A. in History (Anthropology and Archaeology Option) and a Ph.D. in Oceanography. Six credits from each degree may be counted toward the degree requirements of the other, thus reducing the total requirements by 12 credits (i.e., 24+66 = 90 credits total). Students wishing to enroll in the Archaeological Oceanography Joint Degree Program must apply to be admitted both to the History Department's M.A. program (Anthropology and Archaeology Option) and to one of the four disciplines of the GSO Ph.D. program. They must therefore have strong preparation in both the Humanities and the Sciences.

Website: Click here for program website

Description of Facilities: The Department of Marine Affairs is housed in Washburn Hall on the main campus of URI and has a small computer laboratory. Students have access to a large campus library system with online access to journals and interlibrary loan facilities, a U.S. government document depository, and also the specialized library at the Graduate School of Oceanography.

Program Faculty: The faculty includes: Prof. Richard Burroughs, Ph.D., Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and MIT Prof. Tracey Dalton, Ph.D.,Environmental, Coastal, and Ocean Sciences, University of Massachusetts (Boston) Prof. Lawrence Juda, Ph.D. Political Science/International Relations, Columbia University Prof. Seth Macinko, Ph.D. Environmental Science, Policy, Management, University of California (Berkeley) Prof. Bruce Marti, Ph.D., Geography, University of Florida Prof. Dennis Nixon, J.D. University of Cincinnati Law School Prof. Richard Pollnac, Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Missouri Prof. Robert Thompson, J.D./Ph.D. Community Planning, University of California (Berkeley)

Student Support: Financial aid includes departmental graduate assistantships and research support through faculty project support and undergraduate university scholarships.??????

Program Point of Contact: Prof. Lawrence Juda


Institution address: 9 Alumni Avenue University of Rhode Island
                             Kingston,RI 02881

Phone: (401) 874-2596


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