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Applied Ocean Science

College or University: Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Type of degree: Ph.D.

Brief overview of program: A graduate department of the University of California at San Diego, Scripps is one of the oldest and largest centers for global science research and graduate training in the world. More than 300 research programs are now conducted at Scripps, aimed at gaining comprehensive understanding of the oceans, atmosphere and structure of the Earth. Scripps scientists, pioneered exploration of the world's marine environments. They are leaders in studies of climate change, plate tectonics, ocean circulation, marine biology and ecology, marine pharmaceuticals, seafloor mapping, seismology, coastal processes, the El Niño phenomenon, biodiversity and conservation, and atmospheric sciences. Graduate students play an integral role in the Scripps missions of teaching and research. Scripps offers excellent graduate instruction and students perform a significant part of Scripps research activities. The stature of the institution is manifested both in the quality of students it attracts to the program and the scientists it graduates.

Website: Click here for program website

Description of Facilities: The research vessels and facilities at Scripps and its associated laboratories are available to Scripps students, many of whom participate in oceaongraphic research at sea. Scripps operates four ships for local and global seagoing expeditions. In addition, Scripps operates the unique research platform FLIP (FLoating Instrument Platform) for conducting stable research operations at sea. The Scripps Library, one of the largest oceanographic libraries in the world, contains more than 217,000 volumes, 1,200 print periodicals and 10,000 electronic journals. The 1,090-foot-long Scripps Pier houses apparatus for a number of serial oceanographic observations and is used as a platform from which to deploy and retrieve small boats. Other resources include a saltwater system, which provides clean seawater to the biological laboratories and the aquarium; access to underwater areas in which to conduct research and collect marine specimens; several thousand deep-sea sediment cores from diverse localities; original echograms and underway geophysical data from several hundred thousand miles of ship tracks; an oceanographic data archive of half a million bathythermograph observations; several thousand seawater samples from the world’s oceans; the Scripps Marine Vertebrates Collection with more than 2.5 million specimens and 5,700 cataloged species of marine fish; the Scripps Benthic Marine Invertebrates Collection containing 40,000 lots of 750,000 specimens and many identified species; the Scripps Pelagic Invertebrates Collection with over 114,000 zooplankton samples; and large oceanographic collections of benthic invertebrates, dredged rocks, and cores. Additional resources include the Scripps Analytical Facility, providing training and access to state-of-the-art research instrumentation.

Program Faculty: There are more than 95 full-time faculty members in the Department and an additional 46 adjunct professors and lecturers who are also actively involved in the instruction activities of the Department. Each member of the instructional staff belongs to one or more of several curricular programs. The interdisciplinary nature of research in marine, earth and atmospheric sciences yields a great diversity of instruction.

Student Support: Graduate student support is available in the form of Research and Teaching Assistantships, fellowships and other awards through the Department.

Program Point of Contact: Joshua Reeves


Institution address: Scripps Institution of Oceanography 9500 Gilman Drive, 0208
                             La Jolla,CA 92093-0208

Phone: 858-534-1694


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