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Marine Biology

College or University: University of Oregon

Type of degree: Ph.D.

Brief overview of program: The primary graduate degree offered by the Department of Biology is the doctor of philosophy. The serious student will find our programs both challenging and rewarding, with ample opportunities for individual training in his or her chosen field. In addition to scholarly pursuits, many students find time to enjoy the cultural and recreational activities that help make the Eugene area an attractive place in which to live. The course of study for the Ph.D culminates in the oral public defense of a dissertation that is a significant contribution to the field of study. In order to choose a research topic for the dissertation, students participate in a rotation program during their first year of study. The rotation program provides an opportunity to carry out research in a different laboratory each term, thereby obtaining direct experience with both thinking about and participating in a variety of research problems. Students generally select a laboratory in which to conduct their dissertation research at the end of the first year. In the Fall term of the second year, all Ph.D students will write a research proposal and defend it in an oral presentation. The purpose of the oral proposal defense is for students to demonstrate their ability to think critically about an area of research, and to defend their research proposal. The subject of the proposal may be in any area of the biological sciences. The student, in consultation with the dissertation adviser, then selects a dissertation committee of five faculty members. There are no specific course requirements for the Ph.D degree although entering students take courses during their first two years. Entering students are advised by a faculty committee in choosing courses to develop their knowledge and understanding of the selected core research area. For complete details on the Ph.D program, please see the Ph.D Student Handbook.

Website: Click here for program website

Program Point of Contact: Richard Emlet



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