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Physical Oceanography

College or University: University of Michigan

Type of degree: Ph.D.

Brief overview of program: Interdisciplinary program that combines classes in atmospheric and oceanic science within the Atmospheric, Oceanic Space Science dept. with classes in coastal oceanography and water waves in the department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, estuarine and river flows in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and palaeo-oceanography and marine geology in the department of geological sciences

Website: Click here for program website

Tuition (2007):In State: 12000, Out of State: 22000

Number of students enrolled in 2007: 0

Where do most of the students go upon graduating or leaving the program?
Continue Education: 0% | Enter Workforce: 100% | Do not know: 0%

For the students that enter the workforce, what are the most common occupations that they pursue with this degree or certificate? physical oceanography

Description of Facilities: Two-hundred foot long towing tank in the Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory. One-hundred-and-fifty-processor massively parallel computer. Small water wave experimental tanks.

Program Faculty: John P. Boyd (AOSS), theory, nonlinear waves, computational fluid dynamics Nikolaos Katopodes (CEE)numerical modelling of river and estaurine flows, control theory Steven Wright (CEE) river and estaurine flows, hydrology Aline Cotel (CEE) experimental fluid mechanics Guy Meadows (NAME/AOSS) coastal oceanography, experimental fluid mechanics Chris Ruf (AOSS)remote sensing of the ocean Allison Steiner (AOSS) air-sea interaction Person to be hired (AOSS) ice modeling

Program Point of Contact: John P. Boyd


Department: Atmospheric Oceanic and Space Science

Institution address: University of Michigan
                             Ann Arbor,MI 48109


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