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Physical Oceanographic Technicians


Individuals who apply basic seamanship, science, computer, and engineering skills to the marine environment including the open ocean, coastal regions, estuaries, rivers, swamps, and lakes. They may work aboard ships or other vessels, directly underwater (e.g., diving, in submarines), remotely underwater (e.g., ROVs), in a marine laboratory or onshore support facility, or in any number of other marine and coastal settings.

Other titles in this work field include:

  • assistant, laboratory
  • assistant, research
  • gamma facilities operator
  • gamma ray operator
  • hydrographer
  • laboratory worker
  • laser technician
  • map plotter
  • meteorological aide
  • observer
  • oceanographer, assistant
  • physical science aide
  • pilot, submersible
  • radiosonde operator
  • scientific aide
  • scientific helper
  • sonoscope operator
  • technician, data reduction
  • technician, hot cell
  • technician, laboratory
  • technician, laser
  • technician, meteorological
  • technician, science
  • tester
  • vector control assistant
  • water tester
  • weather observer



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