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Marine Biologists


Study the origins, behavior, diseases, genetics, and life processes of animals and wildlife of the marine environment. May specialize in wildlife research and management, including the collection and analysis of biological data to determine the environmental effects of present and potential use of land and water areas.

Other titles in this work field include:

  • animal behaviorist
  • animal biologist
  • aquatic biologist
  • conservation resources management biologist
  • ecologist
  • entomologist
  • environmental consultant
  • environmental specialist
  • field naturalist
  • fish and wildlife biologist
  • fish conservationist
  • fish culturist
  • fish technologist
  • fisheries biologist
  • fisheries management biologist
  • fishery biologist
  • genetic scientist
  • herpetologist
  • ichthyologist
  • limnologist
  • mammalogist
  • marine biologist
  • marine scientist
  • migratory game bird biologist
  • naturalist
  • nematologist
  • ornithologist
  • protozoologist
  • wildlife biologist
  • wildlife conservationist
  • wildlife manager
  • wildlife technician
  • zoologist



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